Phase 1: New Pathways, play elements, birthday ring, infrastructure,Swing Sets & Crooked House



Spring 2017

Phase 1 is underway!  You'll start to see stark improvements in the overall design of the park with new infrastructure leading into Caper Acres as well as fencing and pathways.   Fun play elements will make an appearance as well as the much anticipated construction of a new Crooked House.   What do we need to make this happen? YOU.  Participate, donate and volunteer however you can.  It's going to take a village to get this done and if we do say so ourselves, Chico is one mighty village.   Let's do this!


Projects in Phase 1 include:



Main play structures including Rebuilding of the Crooked House which was irreparably damaged in a January storm and new more innovative swing sets!



Updated Birthday Ring and surrounding play elements to include: large mushrooms (climb), ladybugs (ride), and the new grass blade and flower climbing element.



Updated and improved infrastructure to include new signs and interpretive panels, new picnic tables, stone walls, a bridge, and concrete walls. 

What We Need

Below is a list of items needed for Phase 1 completion.  Some of you may wonder why commercial playground equipment is so expensive. Most playground equipment uses steel - and a lot of it (some pieces as much as in a medium sized car).  The steel used must meet ASTM guidelines so premium grade steel is used in the construction.  It must then be galvanized to prevent rust. Hardware (and there is a LOT of it) is required to be made of premium tempered steel with tamper proof button heads shaped for safety.  Any plastic used is is commercial grade, made with withstand the elements and UV rays of Chico weather for years.  In other words, this equipment is made to last decades. 

How you can help

1.  Get a group together (you, family, friends, co-workers, community members) and sponsor a piece of play equipment.

2. Hold a fundraiser  with funds going to a particular piece.

3. Simply donate what you can to the general fund using the button below.  

We thank you for your support!



Caper Acres Swings CSUC Install Project:  Fall 2017/Spring 2018

The Caper Acres Renovation Project has partnered with several departments from Chico State’s College of ECC (Engineering/Computer Science/Construction Management) and also with Slater & Sons for the installation of the “Swings” area of the Caper Acres playground.

The project scope includes grading, installation of French drains, new child and infant swing sets, two spring riders, a 4 person teeter-tooter, and seated & standing spinners. The new swings area will be partially surrounded by concrete seat walls and infilled with engineered fall protection wood fiber.

The project broke ground in September 2017, with the play equipment installed in October 2017. The student teams plan to pour wall footings in November 2017. The project will resume at the beginning of the Spring semester in February 2018.

The Associated General Contractors (AGC) student chapter, representing the CSUC Department of Construction Management, has pulled together an interdisciplinary team. This team, whom are volunteering  on this project; are Civil Engineering students from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Chico State Chapter, with Concrete Industry Management and Construction Management students.

This project was further assisted by the generous donations from the following companies:

Bob’s Pumping Service - Line Pump

Western Redi-Mix - 5 yards of mud/concrete

Slater & Sons – Labor & Equipment for French drains

Rental Guys – Auger attachment & Water Tank

Franklin Construction - Drain rock for French drains

Spec West Concrete Systems - Temporary Fencing, Stakes & Waddles

Unger Construction – Personal Protective Equipment

Mathews Redi-Mix – Concrete/mud

Caper Acres Engineering  Team T-shirts and Banner provided by the College of ECC, Construction Management, Civil Engineering and Concrete Industry Management