The Caper Acres Renovation Is ON!


join us to create memories for generations to come

Caper Acres children's playground, an iconic part of Chico, is undergoing a full-scale renovation. Nearly every element will undergo change - from the construction of a re-imagined crooked house and updated swings to new features such as zip lines and climbing walls.  One thing that won't change is the cardinal rule - this is a children's playground and anyone over the age of 13 must be accompanied by a child under 13. 

Generations of memories have been created here by young and old alike.  Our goal is to build millions of memories for generations to come.  We invite you to get involved by participating in a fundraiser, volunteering, donating and spreading the word.  There's an old saying: Many hands make light work.  With your help and that of your neighbor, co-worker, employer and fellow community members, we can ensure Caper Acres lives up to its growing reputation as one of the most magical children's park in the nation.